Custom chandelier and lamp designing

from more than 500 parts
Interior accessory design

During the first wave of COVID, I’ve been contacted by a lighting manufacturer. As a result of the economic slowdown, they had the opportunity to use my service to survey and document hundreds of products and parts stored in their stocks.

  • Reverse engineering of chandeliers and lamps
  • Technical illustrations, dimensioning for their customers
  • Technical drawings for the shop
  • Creating a database, uploading various CAD formats to the web
  • Designing a custom model according to the customer's idea

It was so cool to model classical lamps with 21st century technology. Working with the team in family atmosphere, to feel the freedom where design and aesthetics come first…

Interestingly, during this period I was able to help for an interior design company also. They had production and design issues related to individual accessories. Relying on my CNC machining experience and business connections, I could managed their request succesfuly to manifacture accessories without any problems.

Visual designers, interior architects struggling against of lack their 3D models…

I transform Your custom or unfinished products as required to accessing Your models on the web

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