Rotary die cutter

Workshop drawings, production preparation
Working as a Project manager

As a project manager, I’d been working for several years for a custom machine parts manufacturing company, which was mostly delivered and developed for plastic manufacturers and food processors.
In addition to design actitivities my job included the entire project lifecycle, from the initial planning, bidding stage through procurement and logistics, to managing raw materials and subcontracting tenders and on-site execution

  • Project planning, management
  • Custom equipment, design of parts
  • CAD modeling, CNC and manufacturing preparation
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Production coordination

It was a multifaceted, responsible, often challenging role.
But I really enjoyed the freedom and the creative process when the idea turned into reality.

Do You need a custom assembly, You want make prototype?

Whether it is 3D printing or production in Hungary, it can be solved.

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